Painting secretly and methodically at night, Kathleen channels and transforms her experiences in to art through a unique melding of emotion and enchanting imagery. Her pieces pull the viewer into her painted mystical landscapes of botanical realism and plant magic.

“I am very interested in exploring the unconscious influence of childhood in our adult lives. When I paint, I use innocence and playfulness to explore my complex themes. My work is not about humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits having a human experience.” - Kathleen Lolley

Artist Statement            

I see art as a ritual. The goal of the ritual: Celebration of women, nature and the unknown. The interconnection between the Earth and the spirit is the subject of my process. My work is heavily influenced by ancient rituals, folk lore, flora and fauna.

I studied film and animation at California Institute of the Arts and have exhibited my paintings both nationally and international. Film school exposed me to the art of experimental animation. This experience was internalized and informs my paintings till this day. Works on canvas and paper act as snapshots of a larger story. Pattern, movement and memory play a large role in my work.

My process of creation is not limited to just canvas. Hugging trees, gardening, getting my hands dirty in soil, smelling flowers, dancing and barefoot walking is all part of the process. Items gathered during these rituals end up being used in my shadow-boxes, animations and mixed media pieces. The variety of methods helps me extract the essential meaning of a piece, to find its true form and expression, transforming old rituals into new ones.  My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover mystery and magic in ordinary places.